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What Do I Offer?

If you're looking to hire a book editor, I offer a number of editing services to fit your needs, whether you need help with your query, synopsis, or full manuscript. I specialize in science fiction and fantasy manuscripts for all ages, but I have experience editing most genres of middle grade and young adult novels. I selectively take on adult thrillers, historical fiction, and romance, and non-fiction projects (memoirs, self-help books), as well.

Why Hire Me?

I have over six years of experience in the publishing industry. I spent time interning at The Bent Agency to learn how to read and assess manuscript submissions for potential publication, so I know first-hand what agents are looking for in debut novels. I've served as a mentor in online agent-pitching contents, taught writing workshops through SCBWI, and for the past five years, I've been working as a

“It was absolutely amazing working with Stephanie. She was a huge part of my success with my query letter and I'm so happy I worked with her!!!!”

Namina Forna, author of the New York Times-bestseller The Gilded Ones

freelance editor for small publishing presses and independently with numerous satisfied clients, including some bestselling authors. I help writers prepare their query letters, synopses, and manuscripts for self-publishing or submission to agents and publishing houses. My own writing is represented by Chip Rice at Wordlink, Inc., so I've been in the query trenches myself.

I know how to craft a tightly-paced plot. I know how to write a high-concept pitch that will sell. I'm well versed in the rules of the Chicago Manual of Style, and I can help you strengthen your writing craft, too. I will give you the guidance to take your novel to the next level without sacrificing your unique voice and vision. When it comes to edit letters, I've been on the receiving end with my own writing, so I can promise I'll hand over a kind and respectful, but always honest, critique of your work.

Notebook and Pen
Editing Service Rates

Here is a sample of the services I offer, along with my rates:


Query Critiques - $75

​Preparing to submit your manuscript to agents? The first thing you'll need is a polished query letter with an eye-catching pitch. I've succeeded in signing with an agent by querying, and I've read queries for agents, so I've learned all the tricks--and pitfalls--of query-writing, and I can help you out! This service includes up to three rounds of editing.


Synopsis Critiques - $120

A synopsis is another piece of material you'll need when submitting to agents and publishers. Trust me, I know how tough it can be to condense 300-odd pages of a book into 2-3 pages. This service includes up to three rounds of critique/edits.


Submission Critique Package - Query + First 50 pages - $300

​If you're getting ready to submit your manuscript to agents or publishers and are just looking for some help polishing those opening pages and your query letter, this service might be for you. It includes line edits done with track changes in Microsoft Word, as well as an edit letter detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your opening in terms of plot, characters, setting, and conflict.


Full Manuscript Critique - Developmental Editing (Starting at $0.017 per word)

This package is intended for writers who need help with pacing, characters, world-building, style/voice, and other areas of polishing craft in their manuscripts. I will leave comments within the document with questions/suggestions for improvement as I read, and also provide a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, offering suggestions to help you make it the very best book it can be.


Full Manuscript Editing - Line and/or Copy Editing (Starting at $0.02 per word)

​This service includes line editing and/or copy editing done with track changes in Microsoft Word, focusing on sentence-level issues such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, dialogue, and voice. A copy edit also focuses on catching inconsistencies within the text and ensuring an overall consistency of style, following the standards of the Chicago Manual of Style. You will receive a style guide for your manuscript. This package is best for manuscripts that have a strong foundation but need stylistic work, though I can also include comments on pacing, plot, characters, and conflict if you request it, for an additional fee.

Full Manuscript Editing - Final Proofreading (Starting at $0.012 per word)

This service is meant for books that have already gone through developmental editing and copy/line editing. I provide a thorough read-through of your manuscript to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Want to hire me to edit your book? The first step is to email me at Please tell me about your novel and what editing service you are interested in. Also include the word count and genre. Expect a response within 1-3 business days. I look forward to chatting with you!

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